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Preparation & Maintaining Enthusiasm During COVID

Outside Chance was imagined in late November 2019. Over the next 8 months, hours and hours of work was completed after long days serving students and teachers at school. This idea of community-centered partnerships that focus on advocating for students and supporting families in learning how to navigate the school system is one that deserves full attention to ensure program success.

We are in an interesting time right now with our schools and families. COVID has created a very different school dynamic and environment. All of us are learning how to best operate effectively as families and as a community. COVID has put OCM on a delayed launch, but it is not causing us to lose any bit of enthusiasm. This time is allowing us for further planning and preparation for our mentors, students, and families. The delayed launch is also providing us more time to raise funds to create a more effective training time for mentors, more energetic Match Day with private sponsors, local business sponsors, and corporate sponsors.

We still need your help. Once mentors are matched with a student, they will be taking their mentee to outings and events and be using their own money. If you want to sponsor a mentor or sponsor an event or outing in which they can take their mentee, please visit our donate page. As an organization, we want to be able to provide our mentees with some funds to support their mentorship activities but that is only possible by donors giving generously.

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