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Our Mission

Our mission is to identify potential in select public school students, creating intentional partnerships with invested mentors who provide early enrichment and support through empowering relationships and experiences while assisting families in navigating the educational system.

Our Mission

Core Values

Our Vision


Our vision is to build capacity in community members to serve as mentors striving to equip families with the knowledge to advocate for their own students, ultimately creating fully developed citizens and advancing educational equality for underrepresented populations.

Cultural Unity -  to serve as a catalyst for building bridges to connect groups of people of diverse races, economic statuses, religious backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ability levels together

Integrity -  to foster a culture of integrity guiding our team in supporting families to make informed decisions for kids

Transparency - to provide guidance regarding the educational process and the resources available to students

Empowerment - to assist families with building the knowledge and confidence to advocate for their student in an educational setting

Access - to train mentors to provide strategies to cross barriers to equal education related to language, gender roles, and educational priorities

Equity - to build expertise in mentors and families to interrupt the systematic processes that inhibit the effective education of every student 

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